Kmip engine - How to connect

I enabled kmip engine server and configured it all over using the kmip guide.

Now I want to connect the kmip server. But when I am trying to connect via java/postman I manage to pass ssl verification - but then got no response while the socket stay opened forever.
What should be the way to use the kmip server?
For example: I tried to send this xml via https to (localhost:5696) in order to locate a key:




            <ProtocolVersionMajor type="Integer" value="2"/>

            <ProtocolVersionMinor type="Integer" value="0"/>


        <BatchCount type="Integer" value="1"/>

        <ClientCorrelationValue type="TextString" value="TC-OFFSET-1-20 step=6"/>



        <Operation type="Enumeration" value="Locate"/>



                <ObjectType type="Enumeration" value="SymmetricKey"/>





What should be the right way to do that?
I would like to recieve some tutorial or example for working with kmip.

I’m assuming you’ve already ran though the Vault KMIP Tutorial? If not, it goes through setting up Mongo and MySQL database to leverage the Vault KMIP service.

I’m not very familiar with KMIP other than it exists, unfortunately.

You might need to look for more generic KMIP development resources if you’re trying to write a service that leverages it. I think Vault just presents a standard implementation.

Do you know which KMIP version it is using?

The tutorial links to the v1.4 spec so I’m going to guess that’s the version Vault is using.
Since KMIP is an enterprise feature, I’m assuming your org has a support contract with HashiCorp. If you need more help, it might be best to open a case via or through your rep.