Kubernetes / Boundary / Lens

Dear Experts,

I am novice with Boundary. I have set up a private Kubernetes cluster in Azure that I would like to access from my workstation using lens through one Boundary Desktop session.

Boundary controller and workers have been positioned on AWS and are able to access to AKS via Azure Private Link. S2S VPN is up and /etc/host has been updated to bind to Azure private link from boundary workers and controllers. I can access to K8s cluster using kubectl from the worker and the controller.

EDIT: I could finally access to the cluster using the command boundary connect kube from boundary controller

Not yet from my workstation: Error message is Session credentials were not accepted, or session is unauthorized

However, could you please advice on next steps to access to the cluster with lens through boundary?

Thanks, Ludovic

Were you able to successfully log in to Boundary on your workstation? Check whether you can do other things like read the target.

Yes, I finally could access from the console on my workstation using boundary connect kube: the version of the client was not aligned with the server. Unfortunately, I haven’t succeeded with Lens and the boundary client UI yet.

Which version of the desktop app are you using and what’s the control plane version?

kubernetes v1.24.3 and boundary 0.10.5

What about the Boundary Desktop version?

hashicorp-boundary-desktop: 1.4.5

I could finally access to Kubernetes using Lens using two different methods : the first one use boundary connect kube -- proxy and then I use Lens setting-up a proxy. The second one consists in modifying the kubeconfig port using the target port. Thanks for your support.