Kubernetes cluster per workspace (environment) anti-pattern?

I have been using a cluster per environment e.g. staging, production, and running multiple independent apps (think waypoint projects). But in appraising waypoint it would seem an anti-pattern given I would need run a waypoint server per cluster and miss out on centralised management, logging, config etc.

Is my assessment correct?
How are other people managing multiple projects with different environments using waypoint on kubernetes?

HI @adam,

Waypoint does support handling multiple environments through different clusters! This is a workflow we’re continuing to refine, so expect more docs and features around this soon, but in the meantime you can switch config variables based on the workspace (like this). You can use that pattern to switch the kubectl context in use depending on which workspace is being targeted - i.e. tying the “dev” workspace to a context that points to a dedicated dev k8s cluster.

Good to know. So I can just deploy the waypoint server in the production cluster, say, and then use the config switching you’ve described to deploy to other clusters.

How does the waypoint cli know which server it should be talking to for a given local project folder?

Waypoint contexts seem to be the answer.