Large Temporary Files


Quick question.

I’m using Nomad to run a Transcode farm. I’m creating a lot of large temporary files in /tmp. They get cleaned up, but should I be mapping the host /tmp for better performance?

My primary concern is increasing the container size from the temporary storage (I don’t know if that’s a thing, or a Docker-only issue)



I ran a subjective test by running the same transcode collection with /tmp mounted to the host, and without. There was no significant difference in performance.

I’ll dig into the docs further. I’m probably just over-thinking it.

Hi @geoffjukes,

I think any difference would depend on how exactly the files are generated and exposed to the tasks along with what isolation conditions you are looking for between each task. If you can provide some additional context here that would be useful.

jrasell and the Nomad team

Apologies for the delayed response @jrasell

I’m currently writing them to /tmp via a Python subprocess call to FFmpeg.

There is a single task in the group. Once written, the files are moved from /tmp to network storage (host-mounted via AutoFS to /smb and exposed to the Docker-based task instance via a bind mount as /smb)