Learning to Terraform Associate exam (on Azure)


apologies If that is not the proper place to ask that kind of question (please let me know and I will move it - that is first post of mine here).

The question is:
What learning resources would you suggest to use in order to prepare to Terraform Associate certification while using Terraform on Azure?

I want to prepare to the Terraform Associate certification exam from scratch.

I have started with Introduction to IaC with Terraform: Introduction to Infrastructure as Code with Terraform | Terraform - HashiCorp Learn which is available for different cloud providers including AWS, Azure, GCP and so on. I have finished this tutorial using Azure provider and exercising in test environment, all went good.

Next I turned to the official Study Guide: Study Guide - Terraform Associate Certification | Terraform - HashiCorp Learn but very soon it appears there is a must to use and to know AWS in order to follow this Study Guide (no other cloud providers available like in the above mentioned “Introduction to IaC with Terraform”). Lots of exemplary code of using Terraform on AWS, for instance: Manage Resources in Terraform State | Terraform - HashiCorp Learn and:

For this tutorial, you will need:
*An AWS account
*The AWS CLI installed
*Your AWS credentials configured locally with your access keys and a default region

I do not know AWS and do not want to learn AWS at this moment and I do not understand why the official Study Guide is supporting only one of the cloud providers and could not be prepared like the “Introduction to IaC with Terraform” supporting all of them.

Thank you