Is there a generic/virtual provider for trainings/demos/examples?


I’m about to create some training material and I’m looking for a good terraform provider/resources/datasources to build examples/exercises/demos.

I would like to avoid any dependency on a specific cloud provider because it’s always a bit frustrating to train an Azure fan on AWS resources for instance, plus it usually involves some prerequisites which are not always easy to satisfy for newcomers (e.g. an AWS account, some knowledge of AWS internals, …). From my experience, people would prefer to focus on understanding Terraform rather than spending time understanding a provider they might never use in the end, depending on their context.

A big plus for this provider would be to not have any prerequisites in terms of accounts to create, credit card information to enter, etc…

From what I’ve seen in the Terraform core documentation, it seems there is no such provider (I’ve seen a lot of AWS examples and some Docker ones), so I’m probably looking for something which doesn’t exist, but I prefer to ask.

By the way, if you feel you would love to have such a provider but do not know any, do not hesitate to mention it, it might help me to push a request to Hashicorp (and/or build something on my own).


I think having a dummy provider for training would be a very interesting addition. I definitely share the same concerns and the closest thing I have found so far is LocalStack (


Thank you @ohmer. I will keep you informed if I find/build something.