Licensing terms

What are the licensing terms for distributing the terraform scripts that we write to our customers? What needs to be included along with the scripts? Can the terraform binary be distributed?

Hi @ksbharadwaj,

I’m not a lawyer so the following information is my best understanding of the situation but is not legal advice.

For Terraform configurations / modules you write yourself, any copyright on those should be held by you or your employer, depending on the context in which you author them. They are not derivative works of Terraform and so Terraform’s license does not affect the distribution of those configurations / modules.

Terraform’s source code is distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0, and any binary distributions compiled from those sources (including but not limited to the ones produced by HashiCorp) are likely to be considered derivative works and thus subject to the same license.

If you need more detail than this, please consult a licensed legal professional. Again, none of this is legal advice.

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It’s just like Python; when you use the Python interpreter to run code that you wrote, the license on the interpreter itself has no effect on your code. Your code is yours, and you can do with it what you wish.