Lightsail DNS Name-servers

Hi everyone.

When you use:

resource "aws_lightsail_domain" "" {
    domain_name = "example$.com"

where “” represents the label and “example$.com” the domain, TF creates a DNS as expected in Lightsail.

The thing is that if the domain is a Route53 registered, there already exists a NS delegation set when you run “create-hosted-zone” or use:

resource "aws_route53_zone" "example" {
  name = "test.example$.com"

resource "aws_route53_record" "example" {
  allow_overwrite = true
  name            = "example$.com"
  ttl             = 30
  type            = "NS"
  zone_id         = aws_route53_zone.example.zone_id

  records = [

How do one pass the one created with the resource:


to Lightsail config so that it can use it instead of creating a new one?

Or is there any saner method to pass NS records to Lightsail to use?

Thanks for your help.