List hashicorp vault lidentities using cli

I have set up oidc auth backend in my Hashicorp vault instance.

I (as also some colleagues) have managed to login using our corporate email.

However the following command returns no results

▶ vault list identity/identity/oidc
No value found at identity/identity/oidc

The one below does return some uuid - like values

▶ vault list identity/entity/id

Is there a way to list the identities associated with the oidc auth backend (and how to get / view details for each one)

You would need to use the Identity Lookup function.

Should be something like this:

vault write identity/lookup/entity alias_mount_accessor=${oidc_mount_accessor}

That’s not a valid path… did you just make up something random to try?

Try this command:

vault read -format=json identity/entity/id list=true
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