Load Balancer with Envoy and Consul

I’m watching this Hashicorp presentation about “Load Balancing Strategies with NGINX/HAProxy and Consul”:

I’m wondering if it is possible to do the same with Envoy as load balancer.
If so, where I can find an example?

Hi @ThiagoScodeler,

Are you looking for a tutorial which uses Consul template to program Envoy configs, or just an example of using Envoy as a load balancer in Consul service mesh?

If the latter, you might find this helpful. Load Balancing Services in Consul Service Mesh with Envoy | Consul - HashiCorp Learn

Hi @blake,

I’m looking for the first option, a tutorial on how to use Consul template to program Envoy configs.

Maybe this is a good start…

Traefik can use the Consul service catalog, too. If that’s the problem you are trying to solve.

@Wolfsrudel Thank you for your reply, although this GitHub issue is not so conclusive I will look dig into it.

Regarding the problem I’m trying to solve, you are correct by suggesting Traefik + Consul catalog. However, I would like to do the same with Envoy due to some benchmarks with those tools acting as LB: Traefik, HaProxy, Envoy, Nginx…