Local-exec using powershell not executing Az command

Having some issues when trying to run Powershell commands through a null-resource 'local-exec". I’m tryin trying to run a PowerShell command with some additional parameters:

provisioner “local-exec” {
interpreter = [“PowerShell”, “-Command”]
command = <<EOT
ResourceGroupName = '"{module.rg.resource_group.name}"’
FunctionAppName = '"{var.functionapp.name}"’
SubscriptionId = "{var.subscriptions.id}"

  # Option 1 - does nothing
  Get-AzFunctionApp -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -Name $FunctionAppName -SubscriptionId $SubscriptionId
  # Option 2 - does nothing
  (Get-AzFunctionApp -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -Name $FunctionAppName -SubscriptionId $SubscriptionId)
  # Option 3 - shows the correct cmd line with correctly expanded variables but does not execute the command
  "Get-AzFunctionApp -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -Name $FunctionAppName -SubscriptionId $SubscriptionId"
  # Option 4 - when I hardcode the values it works
  Get-AzFunctionApp -ResourceGroupName "real_rg_name" -Name "real_rg_appname" -SubscriptionId real_subscr_id


Only when I hardcode the values the Az command executes.