Lookup consul-consul-server.consul.svc on no such host"

Hi Consul Community,

I have deployed Consul in Microk8s Cluster. I have 7 Nodes, everything is working fine but one day suddenly my server restarted and consul is stop working. I deleted the effected consul and restored from backup but the error is persist. I try to redeploy but have the same issue. I’m deploying consul via helm.

2024-03-19T09:06:28.151Z [INFO] consul-server-connection-manager.consul-server-connection-manager: trying to connect to a Consul server
2024-03-19T09:06:28.204Z [ERROR] consul-server-connection-manager.consul-server-connection-manager: connection error: error=“failed to discover Consul server addresses: failed to resolve DNS name: consul-consul-server.consul.svc: lookup consul-consul-server.consul.svc on no such host”

Please guide me what is the problem.
Thank you.