Lost Unseal and root Token in linux

Hi there,
I am new to vault. I installed it in my linux machine and wanted to use the ui so I unsealed vault using the 3 Unseal keys but my machine got restarted so I couldn’t save those unseal keys and Initial Root Token. Please tell me how to recover them

If you haven’t retained the unseal keys that were presented during the initial Vault initialisation it isn’t possible to recover. At that point the only option is to wipe your storage and initialise Vault again, making sure to securely store the unseal keys. Note that creating multiple keys is designed for distribution to multiple people rather than being held together

how to remove or uninstall vault from my system?

Vault itself is just a single binary, but it depends how you installed it and your data. If you used a packaging system (such as RPM) you shoul use that, or just rm if you just downloaded the binary directly.

That will leave the data, so if you want to remove that you’d remove any files, delete any database tables, etc. depending on what backend you have been using.