Make dev-ui builds but when server launched it says build using dev-ui

I built nomad using make dev-ui
But when I launch the server I get the message

* Run
make dev-ui
to create a development binary with the UI.

The way I am running the project is through GoLand and it launches it doing this

usr/local/go/bin/go build -o /private/var/folders/gj/1lmpp9y57hgdvf8psh9wllcm0000gn/T/GoLand/___Nomad /Users/Andrew/Dev/hashicorp/nomad/main.go #gosetup
/private/var/folders/gj/1lmpp9y57hgdvf8psh9wllcm0000gn/T/GoLand/___Nomad agent -server -config=/Users/Andrew/Nomad/Config/config.hcl

However when I go into the bin folder the Nomad built has the UI.
Any idea on how I can get the server UI launched when I run the code through GoLand.