Message: Digest initialization failed: initialization error

An error occurred executing a remote WinRM command.

Shell: Cmd
Command: hostname
Message: Digest initialization failed: initialization error

That’s the error I get when I’m trying to up certain vm.
I’m using Vagrant 2.4.0 (installed from official hashicorp webiste) and VirtualBox 7.0.

I’ve read about a lot of similliar issues online but none of the solutions worked for me. They usually pointed to updating vagrant (atm I have the latest version).

  1. Check Input Data: Ensure that the input data you’re trying to digest is valid and correctly formatted. Any anomalies or unexpected characters in the data could lead to initialization errors.
  2. Verify Algorithm Compatibility: Make sure that the hashing algorithm you’re using is compatible with the data you’re trying to digest. Different algorithms may have specific requirements or limitations regarding input data size or format.
  3. Review Code Implementation: Double-check your code for any mistakes or oversights in the initialization process of the digest operation. Verify that all necessary parameters post are properly set and that there are no typos or syntax errors.