Migrate data from s3 to raft in eks cluster

hi all,

I am trying to migrate data from my old gke cluster to new eks cluster using migrate operator but not able to do, kindly help

old setup:-
GKE cluster with GCS backend
HA enabled

new setup:-
EKS cluster with raft backend
HA enabled

I have copied all my data from GCS to s3 and created a migrate.hcl file in my pod but when I am trying to execute it’s giving me below error
Error migrating: error mounting ‘storage_destination’: failed to create fsm: failed to open bolt file: timeout
The reason may be because vault is running on it but I am not sure how can I stop vault in pod, PFB my migration.hcl file

storage_source “s3” {
bucket = “xxxxxxx”
region = “xxxxxx”
access_key = “xxxxx”
secret_key = “xxxxxx”
session_token = “xxxxx”

    storage_destination "raft" {
       path = "/vault/data"