Migrate Vault between servers

I have a standalone Vault server with local file storage.
I would like to create a new one in our other network segment and would move some secrets. Not all.
I would like to recreate the approles and policies but I would move the secrets.
I checked the operator migrate command and I haven’t found the answers.

  • Can I select only some paths what I would migrate? Will that work?
  • If I migrate from File storage to File storage, will it create a local backup on my machine what I need to import on the new vault?

Is there any detailed documentation? Or am I on a complete wrong way in case of migrate?

No. Migration is all or nothing.

No. Migration is a direct copy from one storage system to another. Migrating from file storage to file storage does not make sense to do, as you could simply copy the storage directory using an ordinary file copy tool, to accomplish the same result with less processing. Migration mainly exists to enable copying from one type of Vault storage to another.

In this scenario the normal way to proceed would be to set up a new blank Vault, and write a custom script to copy the bits you want, by interacting with both the source and destination Vault APIs.