Migrating from k3s

I am running homelab type of stuff on a baremetal k3s ha cluster with metallb bgp, ceph with manifests being pumped out by argocd. I would like to move this to a nomad cluster and have started testing since cephc csi seemed to take a front stage but have run into several issues with exposing services. My current system uses bgp to announce routes to services so like nginx-ingress has a address that always is the same regardless of node so I can allow that through a router.

Is there a way to accomplish the same goal where I might have a reverse proxy nated through regardless of host and other services such ubnt ports also without things running outside of the cluster? Any push in the right direction would be awesome, I get using consul inside the network but external ingresses seem way more complicated.

Internet-firewall-portforward-individual services

Hi @NegativeFeedback, there is no specific answer to your question here - neither Nomad or Consul are directly involved in the port forwarding of your firewall.

What you do get when using Nomad and Consul is Consul DNS - which automatically resolves “magic” DNS names for each of your services running in Nomad.

You might also want to consider setting up your services in Consul Connect service mesh. In which case service-to-service connections need only be concerned with service names, and you can setup Ingress gateway(s) as an easy way to reverse-proxy from the outside world into your services.

Hope that helps.

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