Migrating/syncing services across clusters

I have a very specific situation and I’m wondering if anyone has a solution for me

I have been running a Consul 0.6.0 server cluster for years. Rock solid, no issues. I need to upgrade now to 1.14.1. Looked at the usual upgrade path and considering the massive version jump, decided building a new cluster would be easier. So now I have a 0.6.0 cluster and a 1.14.1 cluster (3 nodes each, single datacenter).

New cluster doesn’t have any of the services in its catalogue that are on the old cluster. Can’t really move one service at a time due to each service depending on others. Moving them all at once isn’t really possible either.

Is there some tool I can use to sync services from one cluster to another? I saw consul snapshot is available starting with 0.7.1 so maybe I should upgrade the old cluster to that version then snapshot/restore to the new cluster? Would that work? Is there something else I can use that would keep things synced so I don’t have to keep snapshot/restoring?

Any insights greatly appreciated.