Missing database types?

I’ve spun up an instance of vault and vault-ui via docker. When reading through the docs I found vault works with loads of database backends which is great but none of them are showing in the ui. Is there something I’ve missed to enable postgres, influxdb, etc. to show in here?

Not all database types are supported in the UI yet. More will be added in 1.9 - see here for a preview Vault 1.9.0-rc1 released!

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Might be worth either adding them in the dropdown as “disabled” or another column in the compare table for it to show what’s in the UI and what’s not?

Seems like a reasonable request to me!

You should submit a GitHub issue to request that as a feature, if you haven’t already: Issues · hashicorp/vault · GitHub

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In case anyone stumbles onto this thread here’s the feature request Show missing databases in UI · Issue #13112 · hashicorp/vault · GitHub