Missing printable copy of "HashiCorp Certified: Consul Associate" achievement

I hope it’s somehow the right place. If not, I am gonna close it right away. But maybe someone can forward it to a responsible employee.

When I click on one of the HashiCorp certificates (Vault, Terraform) on Acclaim (www.youracclaim.com), then “Share” and the printer symbol, I get the option to print/download the certificate (not the badge). This option is not available with the “Consul Associate” certificate. When will this be possible or is it a problem with my account?

Thanks in advance and stay healthy!


thanks for reaching out! I forwarded your request internally and we will get back to you regarding your issue.




Thank you for alerting us to this problem! I believe I have fixed it, can you try re-downloading the Consul Associate certificate?

As for the badges themselves, you can download those by clicking that “Share” button, the down arrow or download symbol, and you’ll be able to choose how large you want the image to be.

If you have any more certifications questions, feel free to reach me at certifications@hashicorp.com. Congratulations on passing all 3 of our exams!

The first step has been taken: I see the printer symbol and can download the certificate. Unfortunately it is completely white, so it has no content. :frowning:

Darn, apologies for the false start there. We’ve resolved the issue and I’ve confirmed myself that the Consul Associate certificate is now downloadable.

Thank you so much for your patience, and congratulations again!

Thank you. This was never a problem. :blush: