Mixing up a spread/constraint for this use case

I currently have this metadata in my clients
A row can have multiple columns and there is a machine on each row-col
So my meta data looks like this

   row = "1"
   col = "3"
   id = "12"

Now I would like to spread my jobs across different rows. So for instance if my job count was three. It would target nodes with different rows. Each node would have a different row , it could be any col and a node of any id at that row (as long as the row is unique). Can this be accomplished using spread or constraint stanza? Any ideas on how I can accomplish this ?

What I am looking for are two constraints.

  1. The first constraint should run a job only on machines with row=1 and any column
  2. The second constraint should

Hi @rajeshkhan808. Thanks for using Nomad.

This blog article has an example of using spread with meta values. Does this give you what you need?