Monitoring for Vault Agent

I’m running Vault agent on my VMs. It’s configured correctly, but I want to monitor it using Prometheus. I see that Telemetry is one such module but from the looks of it, it is used for monitoring Vault servers and not the agent. Is there something for the agent or do you recommend writing my own exporter?


question is: What kind of metrics do you want to collect from the Vault agents specifically?
(The telemetry stanza is indeed for server metrics only.)

Monitoring such as –

  1. Is the agent process running - well that can be done using the process exporter
  2. Is the log file seeing errors?
  3. Is the auth token is renewing periodically as it should?
  4. How many calls are made to Vault for renewing/accessing secrets – I suppose this is something that the Vault servers is monitoring

I can’t think of anything else.
If this is not reason enough to have something specifically for vault agent, then I will write my own code. In that case, do you have any other metrics that I should be looking out for to ensure that the agent is running correctly etc?

Sounds good to me.

Not sure if you can extract all those information with a standalone exporter, maybe someone from Hashicorp can set you up with a way to pull those metrics directly from the agent. :thinking: