With what solution do you gathers the metrics/telemetry?

As the title says. In the doc, there is alot of talk of prometheus, grafana, telegraf, splunk, but we are a windows shop with none of those tools. What do other windows shop use to gather the metrics of vault?

All of those systems can and do work with Windows, so maybe a better question would be what system do you currently use to monitor your systems and applications?

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SCOM is used right now, but it cannot gather the metrics. And I mostly meant that the software listed seems to have to be installed on a linux host, or in containers, and we are not staffed to support either at the moment. :frowning:

I think you can ingest Prometheus formatted metrics (also known as OpenMetrics) into SCOM. The other options are very common on Linux, but all can be installed directly on Windows too.