Moving pre-built providers to the cdktf Github organization

All existing pre-built providers will be relocating to our new Github organization cdktf.

For the vast majority of CDKTF users, this won’t affect how you reference the providers, as you’re consuming them through your language-specific package manager: NPM, PyPI, Maven, etc. However, for Golang users of CDKTF, this is something to be aware of. Soon, the module naming will switch from:{provider name}-go 

to{provider name}-go 

There is no need for any immediate action, but over the course of the next few days if you see the Go CLI complain about:

go: parsing go.mod:
        module declares its path as:
                but was required as:

Regarding one or more of the pre-built providers, change the module path to the one with

You could also use Go tools to do the replace for you (replace hashicups with your provider):

$ gofmt -w -r '"" -> ""' ./
$ go get # Fetch the prebuilt provider from the new module path
$ go mod tidy # Remove old module path

As another example, if you were using the AWS provider, the first command above becomes:

$ gofmt -w -r '"" -> ""' ./
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