Need advice/feedback for consul config management

Hello, I am trying to manage Linux conf/YAML configuration files via consul without using any other parts of consul ( I mean services ). Can it be done by only using a consul-template?

And is there any template generator tool or way to create templates for current configuration files?

Not an expert whether Consul Template can write to Consul. I have used Consul Template to “detect changes from Consul and execute a cmd”

When you say “manage” do want to use Consul as the “single place to hold all configs” and want something to “write” into Consul?

With every configuration management software you can use templates. Puppet, Chef, Ansible… The last one uses Jinja2 template engine from Python. I think you could use this if you only want to “script around”.

Or do you want to use Consul als the configuration store and generate the configurations out of this? Than consul-template should do it. Than you should learn the Go Template engine language. A generator would be the easy way. But than you wouldn’t learn anything about it. :wink: