Network Coordinates

I couldn’t find Serf in the topic list so I chose Consul because afaik it also uses Vivaldi for the network coordinates.
I read in the documenation that it is possible to query the nodes (snythetic) coordinates (RPC - Serf by HashiCorp). How exactly can I achieve this via serf cli? serf query get-coordinates does not recognize get-coordinates as an internal command. Do I need to write an event handler that retrieves the coordinates myself, or is there already a build-in solution for that? Thanks!

Hi @oliverhalu,

serf rtt returns the estimated round trip time between two nodes using the coordinate data. Is this what you’re looking for?

Hi @blake

thanks for the answer. No, I really want to get the coordinates based on which Vivaldi calculates/estimates the RTT. Is there any stand-alone implementation of Vivaldi (including the optimizations like gravity) you provide? Or is it just part of Serf,Consul, etc.?

HashiCorp does not provide a standalone implementation of Vivaldi. We only offer it bundled with Serf and Consul.