New Cloud Foundry plugin

Hey all!

We at Swisscom have developed a plugin for Waypoint that lets you integrate with Cloud Foundry, mostly known under these instances names:

Despite many companies (including Swisscom) have deprecated these platforms, they’re still being actively used (e.g: internally) and therefore this support in Waypoint still makes sense since it could allow an easier move to Kubernetes or other platforms.

Our plugin repository is now live on GitHub - swisscom/waypoint-plugin-cloudfoundry, but we would like to advertise this plugin in the official Waypoint documentation so that we can get more contributions and include it in the supported platforms of Waypoint.

I don’t know if it makes sense to internalize the plug-in as well in Waypoint’s main repo, but it could be useful to keep the plugin supported and integrated in Waypoint.

We’re open to suggestions here :slight_smile: