Working on a Waypoint plugin for Google App Engine

Hello there,

I’ve been working on a plugin to deploy to Google App Engine and maybe later to Google Cloud Functions. I am really liking the experience so far, it’s been so much fun.

I separated the build, registry and platform steps into several plugins to make the first two reusable later for Google Cloud Functions:

  1. waypoint-plugin-archive to create a zip archive out of source code
  2. waypoint-plugin-gcs to upload an artifact to Google Cloud Storage
  3. waypoint-plugin-gae to deploy the artifact on Google App Engine

The first two plugins are working and the third one is still work in progress.

I have several questions:

  • Anyone else finds those plugins useful ?
  • Is it possible to create functions like the builtin function gitrefpretty()
  • What is the best way to communicate between plugins ? Should I import the output of a builder plugin for example in my registry or platform plugin ? Or should I create new Protobuf message with a similar structure and Waypoint will handle the serialization and deserialization between the two types ?
  • The plugins added to $HOME/.config/waypoint/plugins are not detected by waypoint. I am suspecting it is because of MacOS Big Sur, but I didn’t get the chance to investigate, are you aware of this issue ?

Please let me know if you have any feedback on those plugins or if you are willing to help out


This so cool. Besides giving more documentation for people writing their own plugins I like the zip plugin very much. It has a lot of potential. It could be used with AWS lambda for example.

And about your question. Communication between plugins I remember thay they talked about it in in on Hashicorp Digital waypoint deep dive video

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This is super cool! Great work! Very useful!

Not currently

We usually just import from one another.

Waypoint looks in XDG_CONFIG_HOME which if not set defaults… somewhere. Easiest way to know is by running waypoint init -vv and look for “search path” in the logs which will contain the plugin search path.

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Thanks, you both for your feeback.

Thanks for the tip, my XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set and defaults to /Users/$USER/Library/Preferences/waypoint.

Hey @sharkyze,

We are just looking at building a section on to highlight community plugins.

Would you be ok if I added your plugins on there?

I also have a GitHub Action which builds the plugin and uploads the built binaries to GitHub Releases. This will make it super easy for folks you use your plugin. If you are OK I can raise a PR for you?

Kind regards,



Hey @nic,

Of course that would be great :grinning:. Thanks Nic.

I also started working on a Google Cloud Functions plugin this morning, you can find it here: GitHub - sharkyze/waypoint-plugin-cloudfunctions: Deploy plugin for Waypoint to Deploy and Release built artifcats to Google Cloud Functions