Any plans for Gitops (Argo) plugin?


I’m experiencing with Waypoint and loving the tool :smiley:

I’m curious if there are any plans to add a Gitops plugin to it. My company uses this process (empowered by ArgoCD) which makes our infrastructure easier to maintain. So, for us, there is no reason to deploy/release the build application directly to our Kubernetes cluster. We would prefer generating raw manifests and them commiting those to our manifests repository (which Argo’s syncs).

Anyone is working on this already? (I would love to help)

We’re still exploring this, so no plans right now. I’m curious, in this case waypoint is replacing mostly just whatever mechanism you currently use to author your kubernetes manifests. What are you using for this process now?

Right now we have a plugin in our CI pipeline that grabs the built image, writes a new k8s manifest and commits to our git repository.

Than, ArgoCD syncs it with our cluster.

It would be awesome having a plugin that does the same with Waypoint :slight_smile: with that, we could use Waypoint for our entire deployment pipeline. Leaving CI just for our tests/linting.

In this case, would waypoint be generating the image and then deploy would commit the change to git?

Exactly :slight_smile:

Gotcha! We’ll put it on the list for consideration!

Great, that feature would be awesome for us