Any plugins for the following components than exec

My workflow is as follows thru CI

build image
push to registry
generate manifest for k8s + istio service
push to git
git ops tool deploys to n clusters

how is the integration of the last 3 steps done in waypoint

As there is a concept of plugin/providers is there a provider for the above 3,4,5 points or basically an exec which is what the CI was doing anyway

You could write a deployment plugin that generated the manifests and committed them to git, and then a release plugin that uses the git ops tool. There isn’t anything in waypoint to address this workflow today otherwise.

In addition to writing your own plugin, there are a few ways to use some escape hatches already built-in to waypoint using some combination of the exec plugin (see example) and hooks.

Both of these approaches let you drop into you plugging into shell scripts that can do the steps you describe. Presumably you don’t need Waypoint to do the gitops step, but rather just get the files to git.