Can I add additional step to waypoint?

So we have four steps.
But for example I need step for creating a firewall config for Kubernetes.
Can I write a plugin for this and add step firewall into waypoint.hcl?

Hi @azalio! Can you explain a bit more about your workflow with the firewall step? Is it truly separate from the typical build, deploy, release workflow? Could it be a supplemental part of your deployment step?

If the existing plugins mostly work for you except for this supplemental firewall activity that is required, then Waypoint also does support hooks which are optional before/after command invocations that surround build, registry, deploy, and release stanza lifecycle.

The exec plugin is another option. When deploying to kubernetes, you can see an example using the exec plugin that is extensible to create different types of kubernetes resources and other non-kubernetes as part of the same deployment step. This could include activity like updating a firewall API.

Yes, you can add an additional step to a waypoint. In most navigation apps, you can simply tap on the waypoint and select “Add Step” or a similar phenq option. This allows you to customize your route with multiple stops. If you encounter any issues, feel free to ask for further assistance. Happy navigating!