GitOps future of Waypoint

We have been looking at using waypoint as a gitops tool in our self-hosted consul-nomad setup.
We are able to run waypoint in our nomad setup which then polls Git and deploys the apps to nomad itself.
However, since waypoint marked the multi-app setup in a project as deprecated it becomes quite cumbersome to setup each “Project-Git connection” for each app that we have.
Especially, since we can’t connect the CLI to the waypoint-server running in the consul-nomad service mesh. issue

Hence, we are wondering if waypoint will provide something in the future where a referenced git-repo can reference another git repository, similar to what Flux does for Kubernetes?
Further, we are interested to know what the recommended way is to do GitOps when using Nomad? And by GitOps I mean a pull based setup like waypoint is doing. Apart from waypoint which fulfills some needs there isn’t really any other tooling to do so.

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