Public Waypoint UI/API

I’m working on building a Gitops pipeline that will deploy a new version of our software onto our Nomad cluster on a push to the master branch. I’m trying to understand the workflow of where Waypoint fits in here.

The main item I’m wondering about is how to properly make Waypoint’s API public. When working on setting up Nomad, it says that it isn’t recommended to make the UI public. I’m looking for any information about this relative to Waypoint, but I can’t seem to find anything.

My current plan would be to set up Traefik to point to Waypoint, and then make sure it’s secure with the tokens that I got. This would then allow me to use the Waypoint Github Action to send any build requests to the Waypoint server, which has access to my Nomad cluster.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi AngelOnFira,

While we haven’t done a lot of testing of having a waypoint server on the open internet, the waypoint server does have built-in authentication. We can’t promise that waypoint is currently devoid of remote crashes, but it should be fine for non-production use.

Thanks for the response @izaaklauer! I do wonder though, what is the point of having a Github Action for Waypoint if it isn’t recommended for the Waypoint server to be on a public network?

Waypoint must be running in server mode on a network that the GitHub actions runner can communciate with for this action to be used.

I suppose this assumes that you’re self-hosting Github Action runners, and those are on the internal network. But are there other use cases I’m not seeing for the Action?

I’ll probably end up making it public for now, since the auth seems to be good enough. It is in “production”, but it’s a student-run project, and it’s not mission-critical for anything.

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