Target Audience?

Who is the target audience of Waypoint? As I read through the documentation I feel as though it is largely geared toward developers. Is Waypoint supposed to be something that developers would install on their own without needing to work with the SysOps team?

I am a system administrator in charge of managing infrastructure. I read the documentation from the perspective of setting up a Waypoint server in a Nomad cluster so that the developers in the company can more easily deploy their own software. Yet the docs are sparse when it comes to installing the server in a manual and automated fashion. The docs are a bit sparse when it comes to installing on Nomad, which seems weird since Nomad is also a Hashicorp product.

I recognize that Waypoint is still in beta and that the documentation will continue to grow and improve. I will keep reading. =)

Hello! The target audience is two-pronged, as you have noticed. The goal is that a sysops team would set up the Waypoint server for the dev team’s use, and that developers would then enjoy the PaaS experience as part of their development and release flow.

As for the documentation around installs, are there pieces of information you specifically wished were in the Nomad documentation? We have the docs as you have seen, and also provide a Learn guide to give people a base model to follow. We definitely would like to fill those out further though if you can point us to pieces of info you see as critical and missing.

And finally, yes as you said, we’re are still building the product out :slight_smile: We have several Nomad-specific items on our roadmap for upcoming releases. We’d love to see any suggestions you have if you want to open GitHub issues for those!

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@krantzinator, thanks for the response. Off the top of my head I do not have any specifics. I have moved past some of the parts that were giving me trouble. I am just remembering my general perception of the docs as I have gone through them. If I remember past documents that I had problems with or bump into new ones, I will submit issues for those. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good! Thanks for the feedback!

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