Waypoint with multiple small repos

Is Waypoint a good tool for deploying from multiple repositories with separate components? If so, how? If Waypoint is not the best tool for managing applicaitons that consist of multiple components with separate source repositories, can anyone recommend a good tool for such?

you can treat every waypoint project as a separate source repository respectively. And you can group them by workspaces. The UI is currently not that mature yet and I wish they can quickly enable the separation of project by workspace from UI. To me, the workspace in Waypoint works like a namespace. Give a bit of time to them and I believe they will have a major improvement coming soon. Other good tool that apply the same gitops concept is ArgoCD or Flux v2 (New release from weavework from Flux v1). Spinnaker is another good tool, but i personally like ArgoCD. The only thing that all of this are lacking is the support of Docker. Waypoint does support Docker but to a certain extent only. I wish they do support Docker Swarm.