New Learn Tutorial: Migrate a Java Application to Nomad

The Nomad Java task driver enables you to run Java applications in your Nomad cluster without the need to containerize them. It also allows you to use Nomad’s standardized, declarative job configuration with the familiar configuration elements of typical JVM applications.

Our new Learn tutorial, Migrate a Java Application to Nomad for Linux/macOS and Windows guides you through the process of creating a Nomad job specification for a sample Java application. You will learn how to

  • find critical elements from a simple Java startup script,
  • download the application using the archive stanza,
  • provide configuration files using template stanzas,
  • use the env stanza to populate environment variables, and
  • run and validate your deployed application.

If you have any challenges with the tutorial or it sparks questions, drop them
here; I’ll do my best to answer.

Have fun learning!

Charlie Voiselle
Product Education Engineer, Nomad