New Tutorial: Lock and Upgrade Provider Versions

By Tu Nguyen

When multiple users or automation tools manage the same Terraform configuration, they should use the same versions of the configuration’s required providers. There are two ways for you to manage provider versions in your configuration:

  1. Specify provider version constraints in your configuration’s terraform block, or
  2. Use the dependency lock file (introduced in Terraform 0.14)

If you do not scope provider versions, Terraform will download the latest version. This may lead to unexpected infrastructure changes. By specifying carefully scoped provider versions and using the dependency lock file, you ensure that Terraform uses the correct provider version to consistently manage your configuration.

The new tutorial, Lock and Upgrade Provider Versions, will guide you through how to manage provider versioning using both of these methods. In the tutorial, you will create an S3 bucket from an initialized Terraform configuration and upgrade the AWS provider to use the latest version.

By the end of this tutorial, you will understand how to use the dependency lock file to ensure consistent Terraform runs across multiple users and automation tools.