Newbie question - ensuring the built plugin is used


I just built the aws provider basing on the instructions

How can I ensure that terraform init picks up the newly built binary instead of the main release?

terraform init outputs the following: version = “~> 2.45”

Btw, the reason I am trying to use the latest from master is to attempt using aws amplify for React app deployment from github, which I understand is not part of the latest official aws provider release. Am I correct regarding the latter. Are there any examples I can observe that use aws amplify resources?

Thank you!
– Constantine.

The simplest way I’ve found is to remove the version requirement from the provider block (because the binary you built won’t have a proper version number) and then to place the provider binary in the same directory where the Terraform binary lives. When you then run terraform init it will use the provider binary from that directory.

Thank you.
I will try that.