Terraform providers along with binary

Upto version 0.12.x I used to be able to “cook” a Terraform directory with the binary and the providers together in the same directory (it being updated from time to time).

Now, with version 0.13.5, it always wants to download the version in the current directory, which ends up downloading ~ 100+ MB.

Q: For version 0.13.5, what is the directory layout I would need for the plugins to have a single unified directory of ‘terraform binary + plugins’ ?

Assuming my terraform binary is located at /opt/terraform-0.13/bin/terraform, where would I need to place the plugins?

After some experimentation, I realize that if you specify the -plugin-dir to init, it remembers it in the file ./.terraform/plugin_path.

Also, after setting TF_LOG=debug and running terraform init the directories Terraform is looking up is visible in logs.

Looks like Terraform has stopped using the “directory of the binary” as one of the lookup directories ?!?!