NFS mount failure after update to VirtualBox 6.1.28

Hi all. Updated to VirtualBox 6.1.28 today (from 6.1.26) and am no longer able to establish my NFS mount. Failing with an RPC Error: Unable to receive. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot?

Here’s the command that seems to be failing:

mount -o vers=3,udp,actimeo=1****/****/dev-instance/vagrant-fp/rp3 /var/www/****/****

Here’s the full error:

mount.nfs: mount to NFS server '****/****/dev-instance/vagrant-fp/rp3' failed: RPC Error: Unable to receive

Vagrant: 2.2.18
Host: MacOS 11.6
Guest: Ubuntu 16.04


Gave up on trying to get this to work and switched to SMB, which does still work :slight_smile:

Actually… Gave up on SMB too as that presented some other unexpected challenges to my workflow. So, have been able to work around the issue by downgrading to VirtualBox 6.1.26.

Apparently there are some changes to host only networking in VirtualBox 6.1.28 which may be the cause of the issue.

Hi @matthew2. I had the same issue w/ MacOS 11.6 host and both Fedora/Ubuntu guests.

I had vagrant, virtualbox and virtualbox-extension-pack installed w/ homebrew. The solution was to rollback versions of virtualbox and virtualbox-extension-pack to 6.1.26.

If you use hombrew:

Also, beware that Vagrant: 2.2.19 introduces an issue with Darwin too, so stick w/ 2.2.18.