Node name collision


I have a kubernetes setup with some nodes in a autoscaling group. The autoscaling killed several nodes and later relaunch then, but now consul reports this:

2019/11/18 21:48:42 [WARN] consul.fsm: EnsureRegistration failed: failed inserting node: Error while renaming Node ID: “f41dc722-2c99-0430-bc8a-d86f5d14cbed”: Node name is reserved by node cfe0d25f-4981-1499-1ee7-2c702de94200 with name

From what i understand, the new node is giving some problems because the name it is still in use by the old node, that will never come back. I assume that the old node is in failed state and the new one can’t finish the registration due to the name collision.

I tried the consul force-leave by name and node id, but failed to solve this problem

So what can i do to solve this? The only way i’m seeing is to kill the new node and force-leave the name until it is gone… if that even works

thanks for the help

Hi Daniel, which version of Consul are you running? This PR looks to have fixed this in Consul 1.5.1.

i’m using still 1.4, so looks i’m still affected by this! :frowning:

I do plan to upgrade in the next few months, so luckily i will
not be affected by this for a long time. We also plan to change the auto-scaling group host names so this is less a problem.


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