Nomad 1.1.0-beta released

The Nomad team is excited to announce Nomad 1.1.0-beta1. There are a number of exciting new features as well as a large number of smaller improvements and bug fixes. User feedback is appreciated before our upcoming release candidate and final release!

Please do not hesitate to file an issue on Github.

Major new features include:

  • Memory oversubscription: Improve cluster efficiency by allowing applications, whether containerized or non-containerized, to use memory in excess of their scheduled amount.
  • Reserved CPU cores: Improve the performance of your applications by ensuring tasks have exclusive use of client CPUs.
  • UI improvements: Enjoy a streamlined operator experience with fuzzy search, resource monitoring, and authentication improvements.
  • CSI enhancements: Run stateful applications with improved volume management and support for Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugins such as Ceph.
  • Readiness checks: Differentiate between application liveness and readiness with new options for task health checks.
  • Remote task drivers (technical preview): Use Nomad to manage your workloads on more platforms, such as AWS Lambda or Amazon ECS.
  • Consul namespace support (Enterprise): Run Nomad-defined services in their HashiCorp Consul namespaces more easily using Nomad Enterprise.
  • License autoloading (Enterprise): Automatically load Nomad licenses when a Nomad server agent starts using Nomad Enterprise.
  • Autoscaling improvements: Scale your applications more precisely with new strategies.

Please see the changelog for all of the enhancements and bug fixes, and the announcement blog post for more.

While the beta is not intended for production use, upgrading existing development clusters is an appreciated source of testing. Please read the upgrade guide for backward incompatibilities and remember that downgrading is not supported.


The Nomad Team

1.1.0-beta1 Binaries -

1.1.0-beta1 Changelog -


Is nomad autoscaling feature now present in 1.1.0 community edition or does it require enterprise version. Prior to 1.1 autoscaling feature is introduced in enterprise only