Nomad 1.4 Release

Today at HashiConf Europe, Nomad 1.4 was teased. For when is its release planned? Are we talking days, weeks or months?

Hey @davosian1, we are targeting a beta release in August, with GA coming ~2 weeks after the beta. There is always a chance something comes up during development and it gets pushed back a few weeks, but it is looking like we’re on track now.

Just curious, is there a feature that you’re particularly excited about?

Hi @mnomitch, I am glad to hear that release 1.4 is well on its way. I like the most recent development towards a simplified user experience with (basic) service discovery built in. For 1.4, I am looking forward to the secrets management and the tighter integration with traefic as ingress controller. Having these pieces in place, I can have simpler deployments for a lot of use cases since I do not need to build on Consul and Vault while still knowing that “upgrading” will be always possible for more complex use cases.

The next thing I would like to see is an easier (less resource intensive) HA deployment. If I understand it correctly, I currently need at least 5 nodes for HA: 3 server nodes and 2 client nodes. I am hoping to get this working with 3 nodes in total by using something like the dev mode where an agent runs in server and client mode at the same time. I then can run critical but not necessarily resource intensive workloads very efficiently. Is this something you have thought about as well?

Last but not least, to make the onboarding experience as smooth as possible, I would love to get an officially (opensource?) maintained set of opinionated Terraform / Ansible scripts that lets me deploy such a setup in a straight forward way including ingress (traefik), ssl certs through let’s encrypt, persistent storage and provides access to the Traefik and Nomad web UIs. This set should also implement some best practices around secrets management and project structure to serve as a starting point for more complex use cases.

As far as the script goes, the guys over at Fermyon have done a great job that even goes a step further and installs their solution on top / into Nomad (but currently only applies to a single node on AWS): Running Fermyon on AWS | The Fermyon Platform with their sources over at GitHub - fermyon/installer: Fermyon Installer.

What are your thoughts on this?

Hey @davosian1, that is all really great feedback and in line with what we’re thinking.

We’ll be exploring what a officially approved combined server-client mode would look like, and we also want to revamp some of the learning materials and tools around the getting started experience. We haven’t nailed down these plans yet, so any other thoughts you have on this would be appreciated (and maybe influence what we focus on).

Fermyon’s installer is great from what I’ve seen! I’d love to have something similar that we can stick right on the Nomad homepage and have it work for any of the major clouds. That’s not currently something we’re committed to, but I think it’d be a good idea.

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@mnomitch Just wondering if 1.4 is still on track for August for Beta? We are looking into getting started with setting a lot of stuff up and the closer integration with Traefik is very exciting for us, along with security stuff as mentioned by davosian.

+1 on the getting started guides and updated materials, as someone who is new to a lot of this stuff, any knowledge (Which is up to date) is useful. Of course, the simpler things get, the less flexibility you get to an extent, but I’d love to see managed instances such as GKE at “the click of a button” using Production suggestions.

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Hey @Edstub207, I am actually on paternity leave right now so I’m not positive on the exact timing, but I can give you info as far as I know.

When I left for leave several weeks ago, we were aiming for Aug 31 for the 1.4 beta, but there’s a chance it gets pushed into early September. SSO will get pushed to a 1.4.X release and Dynamic Node Metadata would be only implemented as an MVP (with the rest coming in a 1.4.X release), but the secrets management and service discovery stuff is on track for the 1.4 beta. In fact, I think if you start working from the latest commit on the main branch, you can test out Secure Variables now, and the Traefik integration has been working for a few minor releases already.

On the Traefik stuff, this repo and the webinar it links to might be useful starting points.

So… hopefully nothing major has changed in the last couple weeks, but we are mostly on track with a few caveats.

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Perfect, thank you for the info and congratulations.