Nomad 1.8.0 released

Hey! Nomad 1.8.0 is here!

Read the blog post for full details, described briefly here:

  • New exec2 driver (alpha) - an improved exec driver that leverages Linux kernel features such as Landlock LSM, cgroups v2, and ordinary file system permissions.
  • Live updates and search on jobs UI - the main jobs page in the UI now updates in realtime when things change, and a search input box can be used for in-line searches based on filter queries.
  • Transparent Proxy support and Consul API Gateway for Nomad - Provides the ability to transparently dial upstream services using ConsulDNS as opposed to dialing local proxies directly for mesh traffic. In addition, Consul API Gateway is now supported as integration via an officially supported job specification.
  • A new ui{} block in the job specification allows setting a description and links that are displayed on the job page in the web UI.
  • The raw_exec task driver allows advanced users to use their own cgroups created separately from Nomad…
  • nomad-bench - a new benchmark framework used for benchmarking and load testing of Nomad servers, available to end users. Provides reusable Terraform, Ansible, and nomad job specifications for setting up infrastructure and running benchmarks.
  • Long Term Support for Nomad 1.8.x (Enterprise) - extends support window from 1 year to 2 years by introducing an LTS release for Nomad.
  • The web UI now has an interface for managing Sentinel policies, and some examples to help folks get started. (Enterprise)
  • Tasks now have a schedule{} block for time-based task execution on the Nomad Client, so a task will be started or stopped on schedule even if the client agent can’t reach a Nomad server. (Enterprise)

Please refer to the changelog for the complete list of improvements and bug fixes in Nomad 1.8.

Please read the upgrade guide for notes around upgrading and remember that downgrading is not supported. Please do not hesitate to file an issue on GitHub.


The Nomad Team

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