Nomad and Consul servers on the same node

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to nomad and would like to know if its OK to have nomad and consul servers on the same node. I tested this on 4 ubuntu VM’s and it worked well. (one node running nomad and consul server, three nodes running both in client mode)

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Hi @taypo!

Given that both Nomad and Consul servers required a good amount of resources(i.e RAM, Storage, Network I/O) in order to run properly, we generally recommend that you run Nomad and Consul server nodes on separate machines. For more information on this, please check out the following sections of the Nomad documentation:


Thanks for the great links @ChipV223

Keeping those recommendations in mind, I will be building a really small cluster, with three servers and three clients. Which will handle very low loads, but production loads nonetheless. Do you think this justifies for three more nodes for consul servers?

in my opinion (OPINION), running a single node for Consul Server and Nomad Server should be OK for three worker nodes, keep adequately sized servers, not too large.

Also, the documentation will always recommend separate servers, but that is “high activity” requirement.

How about if you test out the “1 server (consul+nomad) and 3 workers” setup with some production type workloads to see that it works well and as expected?

On a side note, the more concerning thing (if one has to be concerned about) is that fact that you are considering 1 (one) server of Consul+Nomad instead of 3 (three) . :slight_smile:

Again, having Consul Server and Nomad Server on the same nodes is pretty OK in my opinion based on your low traffic workload.


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1 server and 3 workers was my test setup. 3 servers will be running on the real thing. All nodes are 8core/16GB on-prem RHEL instances. At this level of detail, I sound like asking for free consultancy :slight_smile:, and I’m sorry about that.

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sorry, missed your second reply (low on coffee right now). at 8 CPU 16 GB these machines are quite (quite!) well powered, I think!!!

BTW, Welcome to Nomad!! :+1:

A followup on this. For the managed machines (the nodes running the applications), do we have to install the nomad and consul binary on each machine? For the servers understand that its recommended to segregate them, but what about the clients?

Each client should be running a Consul Agent (if you choose to use Consul) and the Nomad Agent.

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