Nomad Autoscaler 0.4.2 Released

We are excited to announce the release of Nomad Autoscaler 0.4.2. This release includes the following fixes and improvements.

  • Add new configuration max_scale_up and max_scale_down to allow restricting how much change is applied on each scaling event [GH-848]
  • Add new configuration query_window_offset to apply a time offset to the query window [GH-850]
  • Fixed a bug that caused a target in dry-run mode to scale when outside of its min/max range [GH-845]
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Enterprise license checker to not be reloaded on SIGHUP [GH-849]

Please report any issues found to GitHub or this list.

As usual, a shout-out to the community for bug reports and PRs.

Thank you,

The Nomad Team


0.4.2 Changelog - nomad-autoscaler/ at v0.4.2 · hashicorp/nomad-autoscaler · GitHub
0.4.2 Binaries -
0.4.2 Docker image - Docker