Nomad cluster in WSL mode

We have successfully create nomad cluster in windows systems and was able to run the applications in cluster. Let me know if below use case is achievable

Use Case: “Create nomad cluster in Windows OS as we are deploying in on-premise environment. The service we are trying to launch in nomad is not compatible with Windows and it is available as linux container. Hence trying to create nomad cluster in Windows WSL(Windows subsystem for Linux) mode.”

What’s working: “Was able to create single node nomad instance in WSL mode and deployed the service. It’s working ”

What’s not working: “Not able to create nomad cluster in WSL mode in windows.”

Hi @vasu.chikkanna. I do not know the definitive answer of the top of my head, so will raise this internally and come back to you. In the meantime, are you getting any error messages or such which might help identify the issues you’re facing when running Nomad under WSL?

jrasell and the Nomad team

Please find the details of issue we are facing. This is inline with use case reported by @vasu.chikkanna
Please find the sample configuration used to run nomad agent as server and client.
For server.hcl:
datacenter = "dc1"
data_dir = "C:\data"
bind_addr = “” or specific “<server_ip>”

advertise {
** # Defaults to the first private IP address.**
** http = “<server_ip>”**
** rpc = “<server_ip>”**
server {
** enabled = true**
** bootstrap_expect = 1**

For client.hcl
datacenter = "dc1"
bind_addr=“” or specific “<client_ip>”

** enabled=true**
** servers=["<server_ip>:4647"]**

The Nomad Server agent and the client agent is running in WSL mode of windows

Below is the error snapshot. The client is unable to connect to server