Nomad Enterprise Support and Pricing

I am trying to get in touch with Hashicorp Sales to get pricing on Enterprise Support for Nomad… The website form does not seem to be working, is there another way I can get in contact with Hashicorp sales?

Hey @1Marcelo, thanks for the info. What page are you trying to request from?

I just these two and they both seem to work, but it could be either an intermittent issue or something specific to you:

Would be great to know so we can debug. Thank you!

Yes, they work, and I can get a 30 day trial, but I want pay for an enterprise license and Hashicorp dont seem to welcome being contacted so I can pay :slight_smile: how do I get in contact with a sales contact from hashicorp? no one seems to reply to their website form submissions

Hey @1Marcelo sorry I missed your reply.

Want to email me at with your company’s name and region/city and I can set you up with the right person.

Sorry the system isn’t working! I’ll bring this up with the sales team and try to see what the story is.