Nomad hangs on Windows with user interactions

Hi, I am brand new to Nomad and I’m trying to get it to work with a very simple bunch of Windows 10 machines for simple raw_exec batch processing of some executables.

I’ve got it working with 3 machines using example material from the tutorials, nothing too complicated, but occasionally when I do something like “nomad server members”, it will just hang until I provide input to the Powershell window I was running the server from. I notice even the web UI will hang sometimes until I hit Enter or provide a Ctr-C to the server window and I’ve also seen it hang when submitting a Hello World job - it wouldn’t start processing the job or distribute it to a client until I hit Enter on the server window.

Any idea what could be causing this?


One of the most common things I’ve run into with regard to Nomad hanging when running interactively is when I accidentally have clicked in the powershell window and ended up in select mode.

You can tell if you are in this state by a visible selection (even if it’s one character) and the title of the Powershell window starts with Select. If you hit escape, it will leave select mode and the application will resume.

I always turn off Quick Edit Mode in the Defaults and current window properties for Powershell to prevent this.

Running Nomad as a service also helps to prevent this particular issue.

Hope this helps you out!

Charlie Voiselle
Product Education, Nomad


Wow, thanks! I have seen that before, but I totally forgot (I spend most of my day on Linux machines). I don’t have access to the lab right now, but I’ll check that out on Monday.

Thanks a lot for the tip, I’m all but certain that’s what happened.

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